Visit Madeira

Visit Madeira is a VR App which runs on the Oculus Quest VR Headsets.

As I love the island of Madeira, an idea came to our minds, when traveling there for the 3rd time.
What if I made an App for VR Headset, so I could travel there whenever I want? What if I could go to the Fanal forest to relax every now and then, or to see the sunrise on Pico do Arieiro?

I already done some 360 3D videos and experiences, so why not do the whole island?
With this in mind, I traveled with my family to Madeira for the 3rd time and every day I shot as many locations, as possible. Luckily, they had the patience with me and did not mind if I told them to go further away from the shot, so they are not visible everywhere. (you can probably spot time to time my son and wife, as they are running around and exploring the area.

Visit Madeira is an app, meant for people, which want to travel, at least virtually to Madeira. It is meant for ordinary people which like high quality 360 3D videos in maximum possible resolution (due to Quest limitations in 5.7K) with spatial sound (where possible, because sometimes it was just too windy) But also for people, who can not afford, or are limited by disability to travel to Madeira, or similar destinations.

To get it for your Oculus Quest Headset from Meta, please visit the AppLab listing on: Visit Madeira on AppLab

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